Because great people know great people…

Staffility empowers you to help your friends apply to any of the mission-focused, technology partners in our community. All referrals come with a referral fee!

Partnerships between IPTA, partner organizations, and our members are built on a shared vision of service. Working with others towards common objectives creates the potential for real collaborative advantage. For this potential to be realized, the diverse knowledge, experience, and skills that each of us brings to the relationship are valued and acknowledged as essential to ensuring every mission’s success.

Earn Referral fees…

Everyone can earn ROBUST referrals fees (best in the industry) from any of our partners!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Become a member Click Here to get started and fill out your profile so we can tailor our communication with you.
  2. You refer a friend to any job in our Staffility Community.
  3. That partner company will contact your friend for an interview.
  4. When your friend is hired, you’ll be able to track your referral payment on your account (via Aliro mobile app).